This is why a prenuptial agreement is best.

NEW!  On March 30, 2016, Prenuptial agreement prevented Wife to be entitled to the appreciation of Husband’s premarital home although marital funds contributed to the increase in value.  The Court of Appeals reversed the segment of the final judgment distributing portion of value of Husband’s premarital home attributed to appreciation. Although marital funds used to pay down equity line of credit and mortgage. The prenuptial agreement provided husband would be entitled to any and all equity in premarital home and wife would not be entitled to any interest absent a written instrument.  Also the Court remanded to incorporate into amended final judgment the amended parenting plan ordered by trial court on rehearing from original final judgment.

Full Opinion Here:

In Felice v. Felice, 41 FLW D 21e (Fla. 2d DCA) in case no. 2D14-2862 opinion filed on March 30, 2016.