Our office handles advocates for the interest of non-human animals and their guardians. Martin-Schwartz animal law creatively incorporates most traditional areas of the law – including tort, contract, criminal and constitutional law to advocate for the animals since they do not have legal rights.  Examples of this intersection include:

  • Pet custody disputes in divorce or separations;
  • Veterinary malpractice cases;
  • Housing disputes involving “no pets” policies and discrimination laws;
  • Damages cases involving the wrongful death or injury to a companion animal;
  • Enforceable trusts for companions being adopted by states across the country;
  • Criminal law encompassing domestic violence and anti-cruelty laws;
  • Accommodation for people that rely on service animals and emotional support animals; and
  • Negligence in boarding kennels or groomers.

Animal Law is a relatively new but rapidly growing practice area. Substantive laws that protect animals are few, and establishing standing to enforce those laws can be difficult. We have the passion to protect your pets.

Martin-Schwartz serves clients in Florida and Texas.